This is the one right here. The members of Rhye are still up in the air — all we know is that they’re a duo coming out of Los Angeles, and they’ve managed to literally make me comatose within 3:42. One spin through this and you’ll be the most relaxed individual within a 200 mile radius. That’s a guarantee.

Shout out to The Fader. Stream and download below.

NOTE: It was brought to my attention the other day that when people see a Soundcloud player, they think it’s just a stream, with no download available. This is false. Please educate yourself with modern times using the steps below.


1.) If you see the old Soundcloud player (like the one below), there is a small button with a downward arrow to the right of the player.

2.) Clicking this button results in downloading the song. If the downward arrow is grayed out, it means that the song has been uploaded as just a stream.

3.) If you see a new Soundcloud player (like this), there will be a download button towards the top if it’s available to download for free. If there is nothing, it’s strictly a stream.

4.) Stop being peasants.