Brenton’s been sitting on a whole slew of remixes and new productions for no particular reason whatsoever. The other day he decided to open up Pandora’s box, and he dropped a little set on Soundcloud consisting of six brand new tracks. In his own words:

yoyoyo, its brenton. these are some songs i made, mostly from late in 2011 and early in 2012. they all have samples in em. the first one samples lupe fiasco “hip hop you saved me.” the second samples my amazingly talented friend @CillieBarnes ”Hey Hi.” the 3rd and 4th are better mixes to two drake remixes i put out in April. the 5th samples “Better Times” by Beach House. The last samples “Something to Do with my Hands” by Her Majesty, its a rework of a Messy Marv song from back in the day.

I sat on these songs for way too long and I dont know why….but I’m gonna try to put out way more songs, way more frequently. I’m still sitting on alot.

Also look out for @OnCue‘s new mixtape soon, I’ll have a couple of songs on there. For those in DC, I’m DJing at Trillectro on August 11.

Thank you very much for your support. ”